A New, Patented Fork Design Created for 
Better Hygiene & Easy Cleaning


The humble fork was invented in ancient Greece, adopted by Europeans during the Renaissance and considered downright fashionable by the 17th century. And except for the addition of an additional tine during the 19th century, forks have pretty much looked and functioned exactly the same for the past 200 years.


KleenFork™ is a revolutionary new patented fork design created to greatly improve this vital utensil’s cleanliness and hygiene. All forks on the market today are designed with straight ridges in between the fork tine where food particles are frequently trapped even when washed. KleenFork’s patented design features a smooth angled ridge along the fork’s inner tine making it exceptionally fast and easy to clean. KleenFork also has a smoother feel than traditional forks. Once you try it, you won’t want to use anything else!


KleenFork™ (U.S. Patent #D573,851) was invented by Chi Galatea Huynh, a renowned jewelry designer and inventor with numerous U.S. patents to his name. In 1994, Huynh founded a jewelry company—Galatea: Jewelry by Artist. The company’s Diamond in a Pearl™, Sculpted Tahitian Pearls, Mercy Pearls™ and DavinChi Cut™ gemstones are sold in over 1,500 retail jewelry outlets in the United States and throughout the world.


Huynh’s idea came about when he was dining at a local restaurant and noticed on close inspection that his fork place setting had some residue along the inner edges of the tine. This made him realize the benefits of designing a fork that would clean quickly and more effectively than any available currently on the market. Chi Huynh together with Greg Pham, president of KleenFork, Inc. based in Irvine, California, markets the complete line of KleenFork stainless steel flatware to consumer and institutional markets throughout North America.


KleenFork is perfect for everyday use at home, for restaurants, hotels, caterers, schools, hospitals, and all public facilities or institutions where exceptional cleanliness and hygiene are vital to everyday operations. They are manufactured in high quality polished stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Once you use a KleenFork and see the actual difference, you’ll never go back to the regular fork again!